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Art galleries are distinguished by what they exhibit.

Every gallery in the world - from contemporary to modern, classical to rococo, finds itself identifiable against the backdrop by what it hangs on the wall.

It’s the one defining feature that can’t be altered or marketed beyond what it represents. The art does the only talking that matters.

The question of which artist, what art, what concepts and which themes to display… This is the soul of a gallery.

That’s it.

And we know this...

Leyden’s London Contemporary Art House have dedicated the bulk of our planning to what we want displayed. We’re careful in curating what artists exhibit their prints and originals to reflect what we consider not just what we love, but what we want the world to see, and that process has ushered in a new tagline…

Presenting — ‘the not-yet-seen nostalgia.’

Our guiding sentence.

The not-yet-seen nostalgia will define what we hang throughout the coming years of shows, exhibits, collaborations, and collections. Who we curate with, who we share our space with — all of this comes down to whether or not the art, artist or organisation draw us into that nostalgic feeling with something new, fresh, exciting, different.

We want the world to be seen a new way.

We want the next wave of art. The new real. Whatever is after urban art; we think it may have had its time. We are post contemporary, a mash up of fine art, a twist on the modern, a new angle on what was in our childhoods, an East London Art House with a global perspective — but feet on the ground right here. A platform for the emerging, a window into what’s coming. We want our visual appeal to tap into that nostalgia by showing you something you’ve never seen before. Imagine that? It's difficult but when done right it's brilliant.

That’s why art is king.

We want a modern art shop that’s gone beyond modernity. We want to tip our hats to the past by somehow seeing passed contemporary.

That’s our ambition. That’s why we’ll keep our doors open — to usher in the most exciting, different, soul tapping, perspective shifting art that looks amazing on your wall.

Subscribe here to hear all about what artists we’ve lined up this year, so you too can tap into that not-yet-seen nostalgia.

Art lines and taglines only mean something if they’re connected to something real. The not-yet-seen nostalgia is our mission, and what we want to connect you with.

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