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Feb 13 — 7pm — Leydens London Art House, 9 Leyden St. Spitalfields, E17LE

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"BUBBA 2000 has crafted his signature style from idolising illustration and street-spray culture from an early age — solidifying his legendary name in the scene of Sheffield with iconic globally recognisable pieces like ‘Stop Making Stupid People Famous’; and ‘Ian Brown (Fools Gold)’, which can still be seen on Ecclesall Road today, despite many theft attempts…

For the first time, excitingly, Bubba 2000 is releasing originals of his sold out prints in London. His works, commenced with a basic pen & ink interpretation, constructed masterfully with spray paint and acrylic, reveal a new line of work that helps us connect with those influential people of our lives. 

Persons Of Interest pieces will only be available at Leyden’s London, Spitalfields UK, for a limited time. Join us for the opening night; a celebration of art with music, drinks, presale opportunities, and small exclusive side-work only available on the night including a short-run of signed Bubba themed 'Real is all the Rage' magazines."

The catalogue is now available for viewing by clicking here.

RSVP here to get access to presales, viewings and more.

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