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Leydens London Official Sponsor Of Art Drops

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Have you ever desperately wanted to own a print or an original by an Artist but circumstances have never allowed it to happen?

Art Drops was founded upon one simple principle. Allow the world of collectors to access a huge portfolio of Artists, including Banksy, Harland Miller, Martin Whatson, and the Connor Brothers for 1% of retail costs.

Using Art Drops is simple:

1. Identify the print or original of your dreams.

2. Sign up and grab yourself a ticket (or two!) for a guaranteed 1/100 chance of winning. There are always 100 tickets, that's what makes us unique. Individual ticket sales are not capped so the more you buy, the greater the chance of winning!

3. Once all the tickets are sold out - all entrants are notified, the entry list is published to our website and a Facebook Livestream Draw date is set.

4. When you are selected as the winner - prepare wall space for your delivery as we ship directly to your door!

For more information on how this platform works please visit: www.artdrops.co.uk

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